After reserving an apartment the customer will receive a description of the apartment and an invoice. The advance payment must be paid by the due date indicated on the invoice. If the customer has not paid the invoice/invoices by due date Lapin Kutsu Ltd has the right to cancel the booking.
Reservation is confirmed, when the customer has paid the advance payment. 40% of the value of the reservation by the due date.

Cancellations should ALWAYS be made in writing or by phone to Lapin Kutsu Ltd. The cancellation shall be regarded as being made when the information relevant to cancellation has been received by Lapin Kutsu Ltd.
If a customer cancels his/her reservation earlier than 30 days, from the beginning of the reservation, we will charge 35 Euros as a service fee and 40 % advance payment. If a customer cancels the reservation later than 30 days from the beginning of the reservation, we will charge the entire value of the reservation.
If a reservation is cancelled because of the customers or one of the members of the same family's sudden sickness, accident or death, the reservation fee will be returned, except for advance payment 40 % and 35 Euros service fee. The above should be proven by reliable means (i.e. doctor's certificate etc. ).The prove must be delivered to Lapin Kutsu Ltd. in 14 days from the cancellation.  Cancellation should be informed without delay. Should cancellation occur 48 hours before or during the period of rent no refund of money paid by the customer shall be made. Should the customer change holiday spot or time, this will be treated as cancellation and new reservation.

In case of any unforeseeable course of events (force majeure) Lapin Kutsu Ltd has the right to cancel the reservation. In such case Lapin Kutsu Ltd. will attempt to offer an apartment similar to the one reserved.  If the apartment arranged by Lapin Kutsu Ltd. is not accepted by the client,  the customer has the right to claim back the rent paid to Lapin Kutsu Ltd.

The apartment is in our customers use on the day of arrival as soon as it has been cleaned. To avoid delays, please inform us about your estimated time of arrival. On the day of departure the apartment is available for the customer to 12 a.m. Keys must be returned to the reception of Lapin Kutsu Ltd. Rental of a holiday cottage includes electricity, heating, firewood and 2 rolls of toilet paper.  If agreed, sheets and towels can be delivered to the apartment. Otherwise the customer must bring their own linens. Rent also includes cleaning of the apartment. However the customer is responsible for doing the dishes and taking the trash to the trash bin on departure.  

The customer is obligated to compensate to Lapin Kutsu Ltd. for any damages to the holiday cottage and/or its furnishings which they have themselves caused.

Lapin Kutsu Ltd. should be informed as to all remarks and complaints concerning the facilities and condition of the holiday spot. If our reception is closed (e.g. at evenings), you can call our answering machine, where you get the duty officers phone number.